Webmethods Trading Network on citrix


We are using webMethods Trading Network6.5.

When we are exiting/closing Trading network console, it is trying to write a file “console.cnf” back to the C: on citrix.

Can any one tell why this is happening and Is there a set-up to redirect this?


Search for console.cnf file, see what is the entry below?



Thanks for the reply. I have checked console.cnf for dev.installrootpath where the path is from C:/

If I change this path to some other location and save it, will it resolve my issue?

Also have a doubt that whenever we exit from TN, is it mandatory that it will save this console.cnf ? I ahve not noticed this before! Could you please clarify me this as well.


Please give it a try and check (make sure you back it up before you edit). Its been more than 5 years I have used TN console 6.5. Let me know if you face any issues.

Can you please have a look at the ini.cnf from TNConsole?

Are TNConsole and Developer installed in the same install location?

Maybe there same issue during the installation due to the fact being installing on citrix.
Maybe you are missing some administrative rights for this installation.




I was going through forum discussion where if we change the path dev.installrootpath to some other then we might have facing an issue when we select an action for processing rule from developer.

So thinking we have any other solution for this.


Thanks for your response.

I have seen ini.cnf file where in I can see the TN is installed in C:\ location(ie.c:\webmethodsTN\TNConsole) and from console.cnf I can see developer is installed in c:\webmethodsTN/Developer.

So I need to undestand is it creating any issue I mean always trying to save console.cnf when we try to exit/close TN console. Can we redirect any of the above mentioned path.

Also you were explaining about some admin rights. Could you please explain me little bit so that Ill check further.

Thanks both.

Hi SriLakshmi,

your config files ini.cnf and console.cnf are correct so far.

About the administrative rights I meant the Windows Local Administrator.
Especially the Developer and TNConsole installation can be affected.

Please check if you have the appropriate rights on the directory where the console.cnf is located.


Hello Holger,

Thank you for your response.

Incase if the situation is like this, suppose user who use webMethods TN doesnt have the access to c:\ where actually the console.cnf is placed.

So everytime when the user exiting/closing,It is definitely trying to write a file “console.cnf” back to the C: of the citrix server.

I am just thinking whether if theres any way we can re-direct this (redirect file).

Thanks .

Hi SriLakshmi,

Please check if your c:\webMethodsTN directory has enough rights to allow writing the files in its descendent directories for the user you are running the tools with.

Another option might be if you have a second volume avilable on the citrix box (i.e. D.), that you try to install the components there.