webMethods to Datalake


I have a requirement to integrate webmethods with data lake.

Can this possible ??? :?


I guess from wM 9.0 it supports Big Data not sure whether Datalake is the same.

Can you check with your local SAG sales representative or the support team to answer your questions.

What is data lake like is that kind of Teracotta Big Data product?

Also do you know what is the technical scope of data lake or API they have provided?



Sorry i dint brief the datalake concept!!
Datalake- its nothing but the big-data concept. Where we can do the Analytical and operational transactions dynamically.
I wanted to know the database connectivity or any communicating component to through webMethods ESBs.


If you have big data license as part for Terracotta rpoduct suite you can use that for caching or else you can use ehcache jar file(open source) provided as part of Terracotta and create a java service to write whatever strategy you want to implement.

For out of the box use, You can store the data in to a cache using the pub.cache services and then use the pub.cacheimpl:search to search for data in it. IS internally uses ehcache for storing the cache information. In Java world ehcache used to be a big deal thing about 2 years ago not sure what they are using now a days.