WebMethods setting for customized java package

I am not quite sure how to set the java class path for customized java package in webMethods.

I have my java package in the unix box in the following structure.

In the webMethods component, I have declared as follows
import crv.wm.*;

Set in the adapter that the component belongs to is…
Add to Classpath ===> /opt/webMethods/CLA_IMH/CREDITOR/lib

I have error message when I try to compile the webMethods component that has import crv.wm.*
error message ==> package crv.wm not found in import??
Why is it? This component is working fine with my local broker and local adapter in my NT machine with same setting.

By the way, the class(CarLog) has main and it runs fine if I test.

Regards, Keon

Put /opt/webMethods/CLA_IMH/CREDITOR/lib in your classpath or move the crv dir tree to a directory that is already on the classpath.

Hi Rob,
I already set the classpath as /opt/webMethods/CLA_IMH/CREDITOR/lib as I mentioned in my previous post. I am allowed to change the directory structure by using classpath I already using in our environment.
By the way, I think I need to explanin a little more detail regarding my environment.
I have broker A and broker B. the component I was trying to set the classpath belong to Adapter B that is pointing at broker B. I think I need to add the classpath to the preference of the broker B. I did set classpath both on the broker preference and adapter classpath. May be I can re-start the broker just like I had to restart the adapter whenver I change my customized java code. I will try restarting the broker but I am not sure if this will work.
Thanks for your advice in advance.

Regards, Keon

Oops. Sorry about that oversight.

You mention that the .java files are in the directory but you don’t mention the .class file–I assume the class files are also there.

Are there other jars/classes that crv.wm classes are dependent on? Are those available on the classpath too?

The customized package, crv.wm, is not dependent on any other jars/classes except standard java package.
Thanks - Keon

This is purely a shot in the dark:

In EI, Edit | Preferences, Sessions tab–does setting the “Classpath supplement” field fix this?

Go to the adapter for which you will use the classes. Add /opt/webMethods/CLA_IMH/CREDITOR/lib to the classpath in the adapter configuration.


Ok, I didn’t read your original post where you said you already did that. It worked for me, but then again I had EI tool and adapters on the same machine.


Thanks for all the feedback. The solutions WAS to update the classpath supplement in EI.
Keon was using the unix classpath (in EI) when he should have been using the wintel classpath.
The classpath in the adapter indicates where the classes/jars can be found at adapter runtime, however the classpath supplement (in EI) is used to indicate where the classes/jars can be found at design time.
Thanks for all the help



Hi All,
I didn’t check here recent couple of days. As Wayne said I was using the runtime environment path for Classpath supplement field that Rob mentioned.
Thank you very much for all your answers.

Best regards, Keon