webMethods SAP connections showing wrong information

We are using wM 6.5 with SAP adapter 6.0 in Hyper-V environment.

I created SAP connection and activated them successfully and created listeners and notifications and all looked and worked fine for a month now.

I now had to change SAP servers’ details in wM to replicate a change of SAP server details. All looked good until I restarted wM and I saw different connections details information in wM SAP Adapter to what was before the restart. It seems the adapter is keeping some old information inside despite me changing it.

wMSAP package showed as partially loaded and had the following error:

Adapter Runtime: Error occurred while Adapter Runtime was loading adapter type “WmSAP”. [ART.114.9] Adapter Runtime: Error(s) while registering adapter type WmSAP

I re-registered librfc32.dll and then reloaded wMSAP and it loaded fully. I then went back to connections, corrected them, activated them, activated the listeners and refreshed notifications (stop/start). All looked great, but when I restarted wM I was back to square zero.

I flashed the repo by renaming the folders WmRepository2 and even WmRepository4 and went through the whole process again but the same problem reappeared…

Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is or how to get rid of it?

Thanks a lot.

Not sure what the issue is, but i think u can try deleting the existing connection and creating a new connection with the new details?

You are right. I have actually copied the wMSAP folder from another working system and the problem disappeared (after restarting). Cheers…