webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 6.0


Is webmethods PeoleSoft Adapter 6.0 suppots PeopleTool Version 8.46 ? Our Customer Instlled PeopleTool 8.46 on PeopleSoft ERP. As per webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 6.0 User Guide, This Adapter Supports till Version 8.45. Please let me know the status?


Hi Pandu,

At the time of Adapter release, it is possible that it is tested with few specific versions of software (or probably that was the only version available at that time). Software Versions released later may not be mentioned in the documentation.

Would suggest following as additional steps:

  1. Open a TS Ticket, it is possible that they have an updated list of versions supported.
  2. Check methodology used by Adapter to connect to applications. If it is using API, check if the APIs are backword compatible from new versions. Sometimes, It may be as simple as using a New Jar file from the application.
  3. If it is already purchased by your customer, give it a try, and then report the errors back to forum/support. IF someone faced those issues and solved it, you will get to know of the solution.

Hi Pandu:
I have heard through channels that the adapter was certified through WM QA late in August. I have not yet seen a formal vendor announcement, but have run a limited test in house against a tools PS 8.46.05 release with the currnet 6.0 Adapter.
I needed the latest joa.jar from PS/Oracle Tools to make it work ,else you get the message in the appserver of client tools not matching app server tools release.
I plan to push with a SR to the vendor to see if they can make a formal statement and more importantly update the documentation if that is all that is needed.
Also I stated the inquiries about this release back in April 2005 under an SR# 1-54474208. Keep in touch and let me know if you know of others on PS Tools 8.46 X releases so we can share notes of interest.