Webmethods Oracle apps adapter 6.0 installation : Less funct

I have installed Oracle Apps adapters 6.0 on IS ver 6.1.The installation is successfull. I installed the packages and established the connection with the database.
However, from Integration Server administrator console,on click of Adapters->Oracle Apps adapters on the left panel, the oracle apps adapter screen opens up.
The screen has options like Connections , polling notifications,transaction management, about. But it does not have “service generation” option.
So want to make sure whether this functionality is present in adapter 6.0 or something is missing out in the installation here.If this functionality is not there then what is the other option to this ??

Hi Rashi,

Service generation is done via the Developer for the new 6.x Adapters.

First create a Connection in the web-page, then go to Developer and create a new Service.

Select the Connection you just created and then select a template, which the adapter service should use. Complete the content of the service.