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i would require some kind of help in knowing whether WebMethods Integration Server is available on the Clouds or not? If yes, could anyone give details on license fee structure and other details.

In case if it is not available then is there any possiblity to get it on clouds?

I am eager to hear from you at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.


well it took me a while to get this detail but finally i got it and here it is…

  1. Integration Platform - License Fee of USD 72,500 for a dual core processor
  2. Adapters (Includes JDBC, SAP, MQ Adapter) + Trading Network - License Fee of USD 85,550

Both of the above might attracts a annual maintenance fee of 20% of the total cost. The above licenses are meant only for training purposes and cannot be used in production. It is also meant for use in Indian Offices only.

On the training front - webMethods does not conduct a training with more than 12 people in a classroom.

Course Duration :

i) 4 days webMethods 7.1.2 Integration Workshop
ii) 3 days webMethods 7.1.2 Trading Networks Workshop

Total : 7 training days.

Pricing :

Min. 5 attendees – US$ 1,875 per training day
6 attendees – US$ 2,063 per training day
7 attendees – US$ 2,250 per training day
8 attendees – US$ 2,438 per training day
9 attendees – US$ 2,625 per training day
10 attendees – US$ 2,813 per training day
11 attendees – US$ 3,000 per training day
Max. 12 attendees – US$ 3,188 per training day

these estimates i had received from a SAG guy for my training requirements.

And when you say clouds what are you referring to?

I think he is talking of cloudcomputing

Yes sure he is asking about “Cloud Computing” (many names/keywords buzz going around these days smart words like smart phones) …:slight_smile:

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