webMethods OFTP Adapter

Hi there,

Our company has a lot of partners which need transfers via OFTP. We are currently using a non wM solution from Axway.
In the future we are willing to switch to a much more reliable solution.
We learned that there is an OFTP Adapter offered by webMethods but the problem is that we cannot find this product anymore to install. When using the Software AG Installer to install new products we cannot find the OFTP Adapter in the list of adapters. Do you happen to know how we might be able to install the OFTP Adapter so we can test it? Would it be possible to provide the package as release to install?

Our IS version: 9.9

Thank you in advance!


You need to be licensed for the adapter to see it in your list of available products.
Eventually you can talk to your sales representative at SAG to get an evaluation license.