webMethods not able to process huge volume of documents from subscriber trigger queue

Hello Experts,

The current webMethods version is : 9.12 trail version.
JDBC Adapter Version:
Messaging : UM

webMethods polling 10000 records at a time from Oracle database using JDBC adapter notifications/polling notifications and inserting into other externalDB at subscriber side.
The trigger queue capacity level and refil level set as default 10 & 4 respectively. Acknowledgement Queue size is 1.

The records are inserting smoothely for sometime. After that, the webMethods IS is hunging and not at all responsive.
In addition to that we’re experiencing “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space” error couple of times.

  1. So, in this case how to handle. What should be the best practice for configuring the trigger queue capacity level and refil level.
    Please also let me know how to clear the trigger queues.
  2. Where do I need to increase java heap memory size in 9.12. I don’t see JAVA_MIN_MEM & JAVA_MAX_MEM in 9.12 server.bat file.

Could you please help on this issue.


Hi Sai,

I have replied to your other post: