WebMethods New Tools Survey - 1 minute (5 questions)


In the past we have built two tools for helping webMethods developers in their daily work.

These tools are Rich Statistics and Rich Audit and have been very well received by the community.
Rich Statistics: http://goo.gl/bAlO53
Rich Audit: http://goo.gl/HP4JSO

Now we are trying to decide what should we build next. By answering the below survey you can help us focus our energy in the right direction.

Survey Link: http://goo.gl/92xHff

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Submitted the survey! :slight_smile:

Survey Link: http://goo.gl/92xHff - Not working.


Just tested the link and it works. What kind of problem do you encounter?

Long URL: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10fo6mBLy_BjXfrwsGQEeqVQXE5JsnPo4BO9eJGMJ2zc/viewform


Ok, if its google docs I know the reason. My company has restriction on Gmail so this link may not open for me.


It’s nice to know that others are about to develop tools that belong to a standard tool set in e.g. Java world. Our dev group has developed all the tools (for internal purposes, it’s not a product) except for the visual comparison of two flow services. Such a tool would be a great help for us developers! It should be part of the standard development environment.

BTW, Vlad, I admire your ideas (I’ve read your articles on the community site); the two mentioned packages are also great!

You wrote “In the past we have built.” Who and what are “we”? Are you a company producing companion tools for wM? Or are you just a dev team publishing the results of your work here?

What is the license of these tools (the existing and those yet to be created)?

Hi fml2,

We can discuss these topics in private if you wish. Please find my email address on my profile page.


Hello Vlad,

I’d prefer to discuss as much as possible in public. The reason is that if I can’t tell something in public (e.g. for legal reasons) I’ll also not tell it in a private discussion.

Or do you think that a private discussion would go faster and smoother?


The only reason I would prefer a non-public discussion is to avoid filling this thread with irrelevant information about the tools and the survey.

If possible, I would like to read as many opinions as possible about what is missing from the wM Suite.


Here’s one more proposal: Create a tool for performing the refactoring “rename a field in a document”, with auto adjusting of all the usages (read, write, …) of that field. wm Designer supports renaming a service, but renaming a field is a very risky and error prone business.

For how long do you plan to gather comments? Will you publish the poll results? I’d be interested to know what people are interested in!


i’ve seen in Brainstorm that a Flow Diff Tool by SAG is planned.
Request Number: 01174

So a Unit Test Tool for Services and BPMN would be really nice. I’ve been at one local User Group Meeting and i know that many other customers missing a Unit Test Tool in webMethods.



Is there any confidence that it’s scheduled for implementation? I don’t have access to brainstorm but have heard other saying that many entries there never get implemented. So I would’t expect much based on the mere fact of a BS ticket existence.


The results of the survey can be found here: http://goo.gl/K22Npz

The survey was also posted on webMethods groups on LinkedIn, not only on Tech Forum.



any progress on this?