WebMethods Manager

Can webMethods Manager send SNMP alerts to Tivoli Console
I am trying to evaluate wmManager to see if out operations team get alerts from webMethods resources,
I see that an OMI compliant Tivoi Console can connect to Manager Server but I we dont have an OMI compliant Tivoli console.
Any Idea to send SNMP alerts out of Manager will be great help,

Thanks in advance

Manager services can send email. So this may help you.

wM Manager Console -> wM Manager Services -> wM Manager Server
(->) means connect

If you use a Tivolli Console with OMI support it will be like:

Tivolli -> wM Manager Server

Hi Hugo,
we dont have OMI Support for Tivoli , Tivoli group is still running 3.7 version,and I am trying to find out if I can send SNMP alert to existing Tivoli Console using ManagerConsoleServices