webMethods LDAP

We are using wM 7.1 and using LDAP connectivity for querying.
But the problem is sometimes the webMethods opens too many sessions, which is causing slow response ( sometimes hang up ) in the target Application System, even sometimes we have to restart the IS to release the opened sessions and the appplication system also has to restart.
Is there any way to control the no. of sessions using LDAP, just like JDBC Adapters?
Can anyone suggest any better way of use for LDAP connectivity via webMethods. ( may be something like JDBC Adapter)

Any suggestions related to this are highly appreciated.


on wm7 the ldap service connection already support for session handling.
for details of each parameters on the built-in service, refer to the documentation.

Hello wmusers,
If any one know how do we configure webmethods 8 with LDAP(Microsoft Active directory), I am new in LDAP and webmethods 8 and learning it, I need to know sample parameters we add when we add LDAP directory in User Management. I know those parameters are given by LDAP administrators but if some one could give a sample configuration when they have used to configure LDAP with Microsoft Active Directory. I would really appreciate the help.


Deep Wright