Webmethods last version and eos

We would like to know the latest available version of the webmethods adapter for jdbc and the end of support and the end of life

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You can find all the EOM information and other support details in EMPOWER.
Current latest version is 10.3 and this has EOM by end of October 2021.

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Hello Holm, thanks a lot, given the next expiration of version 10.3, can you tell us if a later version is coming out? Best regards

When there is no newer version released until then, the current version is usually extended for newer IS+ART versions.

Therefore the JDBC Adapter 10.3 can be used on any IS version from 10.3 onwards.

For certain Adapters the current version is still 6.5 without recent EOM date (or prolonged EOM date) and they can be used on any IS from 6.5 onwards.


Hello Holger, thank you very much, can you confirm that both Webmethods integration server ver 10.5 and ver 10.7, for the connection to Oracle, use adapters for jdbc v.10.3?

Hi Maria,

as long as there is no newer version of JDBC Adapter announced, JDBC Adapter 10.3 can be used with any IS beginning with 10.3 and newer.

For IS versions 10.1 and 10.2 the JDBC Adapter 10.1 can be used.
For older IS versions JDBC Adapter 9.10 (for 9.10 thru 10.0) or 9.0 (for all other IS 9.x versions) are still available.
Usually the version of the Adapter indicates the minimum version of IS it will work with.


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