webMethods.io MFT (MFT.io) Administration APIs

We have recently used the native cloud webMethods.io MFT product and have a requirement to on-board around 200 users and assign their permissions to approximately 150 different Virtual File Shares (VFS) which we need to setup and configure.

Doing this manually is tedious and could cause permission issues, so we are seeking to have native webMethods.io MFT Administration APIs similar to the webmethods.io Integration APIs referenced here webMethods.io Integration API Reference - webMethods.io Integration. We will need APIs to be able to create users, manage VFS permissions

I noticed there is a policy setting within the SoftwareAG Cloud Policy Administration page showing asetting for allowing API Access Token generation, I have enabled this and generated a token for a user with admin access but unfortunately we could not get it to work with any calls to webMethods.io MFT.

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Hi Jing,

We understand onboarding 200+ users to MFT manually is tedious, but as of now, webMethods.io MFT does not have support for Administrative APIs.

This has been discussed internally and is definitely in future roadmap.


Its good news!