webMethods.io Integration processing message using AS2 connector

products versions - webmethods.io Integration 10.15 and above,webmethods.io B2B 10.15


This article explains about processing the transaction using the AS2 connector


It is assumed that readers of this article know how to setup B2B enterprise profile, partner on Webmethods.io B2B platform, configuration of AS2 connector and creation of flow service.


• Set up B2B enterprise profile, partner profile, Business Document.
• Set up of AS2 connector in webmethods.io integration
• Flow service to send and receive the AS2 message.

Topics Covered

• Setting up of AS2 connector
• Develop flow service to send and receive the AS2 Message in webmethods.io integration
• End to End working flow

Flow Diagram


  • In our use case in webmethods.io B2B Sender is “SenderProfile” and Receiver is “ReceiverProfile”
  • In our case we will submit the UNEDIFACT ORDERS 97A message from webthods.io integration using the AS2 connector.
  • Once we submit the request MDN is sent as acknowledgement.
  • AS2 connector is used to setup the connectivity with B2B layer.
  • Messages are sent and received using the AS2 connector in webmethods.io integration.

Setup done on webmethods.io B2B

• Configuration for sender profile

• Configuration for receiver profile

• Configuration for AS2 channel for receiving and sending the AS2 message.
Configuring AS2 IN channel for receiving the AS2 message in B2B layer

• Configuring AS2 OUT channel for sending the AS2 message from B2B layer.
• In this case endpoints will be of flow service which will receive the message and process it. In our case flow service name is Receive_AS2_Message_From_B2B_Layer

Processing Rule:

Setup at webmethods.io integration
• Create a flowService for submitting the transaction to B2B layer using AS2 Connector.

• Setting up AS2 connector for submitting the transaction
• Provide the endpoints with credentials to connect to the B2B layer.

• Setting up flow service to receive the message from B2B layer.

Setting up the AS2 connector for receiving the message from B2B layer.

End to End monitoring:
• Open the flow service Send_AS2_Message_To_B2B and submit the transaction

Navigate to webmethods.io B2B and select the monitoring tab.


  1. Attached the flow service for source tenant and target tenant
    Receive_AS2_Message_From_b2b_Layer: Flow service to receive the request from B2B layer
    Send_AS2_Message_To_B2B : flow service to submit request to B2B layer

Send_AS2_Message_To_B2B.zip (9.1 KB)
Receive_AS2_Message_From_b2b_Layer.zip (8.6 KB)