webMethods.io Integration: DevOps - Stage Management

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Bharath Meka
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This article explains about how to publish projects from one environment to another in webmethods.io Integration. 

2. Audience

It is assumed that readers of this article know how to create projects and workflows in webmethods.io Integration as well as creating integrations in webmethods.io flow editor.

3. Pre-Requisites 

Create a project with workflow inside it in webmethod.io integration before, and also integration in webmethods.io flow editor.

4. Publish Project to one environment to another

4.1  Create an environment

Login to webmethods.io integration and click on profile -> Environments

Click on Register environment

Provide name and domain of the other tenant where you want to publish the project and username of the tenant and click Save.

    4.2 Deploy package level assets to other environment

   Open webmethods.io integration and click on projects select one of the project and click three dots icon (highlighted below) .

Publish the project ...

In the next screen click on workflows and next button

  It will show up the workflow created inside the project, click Next

  In the next screen give the name of the solution and select the environment and it will ask you to provide the password.

You should get a message project published successfully.

4.3. Deploy the project in other tenant

            Login to the tenant where you have published the project and you should see the project and Deploy button at the top.

Click on Deploy and in the next screen, it will ask you to provide the name and click on Save and Continue button.

In the next screen, it will display the accounts used in the workflow, in this case, we have Wunderlist connector used in the workflow hence we need to allow the authorization  

Click on + symbol and Default authorization …

Once you have the account listed click on Next.

 If you have triggers defined in your workflow it will display those in the configure triggers screen. (In this case, we have Trello trigger used in our workflow)

Add authorization for Trello and click Next…

If you have parameters defined for your workflow it will display those in the next screen, click Deploy button.

You should get a message like below upon successful deployment.

4.4   Import and Export Integrations (Asset level)

Use the option of Export and Import Integrations in webmethods.io Flow editor to do asset migration from one tenant to other tenant. (i.e. export from one and import into another)

 Note: Prior to this your tenant should have import/export feature enabled.

  1. Exporting Integrations

            Switch to webmethods.io Flow editor click on Project in which integrations are created before.

Select the integration created and click on Export.

In this article, we are trying to export addInt integration and select the next to integration and say Export.

In the next window say export again.

The integration will be downloaded as a zip in your local.

  1. Importing Integrations in another tenant

Login to other tenant and switch to flow editor and projects->integrations page.

           Click on Import Integrations.

        In the next page click on browse upload the downloaded zip file (refer to section i)

Upon successful import, it will show the integration and click on Import.

In the next page it will display the applications you are connecting to in your integration select those applications and click next

Provide a name for integration and click on Finish.

Integration should be successfully imported.