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Flatfiles’ delimitor in webmethods.io

Hi !
Let’s say I’m using a flatfile with delimiter “|”. Everything is ok if the incoming datas are like this :
john@doe | 24 | john | doe | 789552

But what if there is a mistake and the | slides into one of the data like this in the email or (anywhere else) :
john@d|e | 24 | john | doe

How to manage the fact that the first one in the last exemple is not a delimitor but an error ?

Is there a way to count the number of fields that we got each line ?

@kassandra.aubin Below is the limitation with product and

john@d|e | 24 | john | doe

Ideally this will create a ambiguity and parser will ended up with undefData . You have to talk to data source and get agreed with delimiter , release characters and quoted release characters

In your examples if delimiter [ | ] pipeline and you have field with [ | | pipeline then it should be addressed as below from source file

john@d"|"e | 24 | john | doe - Quoted release character
john@d|e | 24 | john | doe - release character

Check the documentation Reverb

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