Webmethods integration with Siebel60

I am just getting a hang of what webM is all about. Not much idea yet.
Can anybody please tell me if there is an adapter available to connect to Siebel Server for Windows NT, Ver.
If readily available adapter is not available, then what are the best option to integrate.
Does webM allow to create the custom adapter for Siebel
Pls explain

Thanks in advance


Ofcourse there is webMethods Seibel Adapter (different intial to new versions that runs on old webMethods Enterprise server(Active works) and B2B IS Adapters 6.x) available to download unless your company has licence for getting it.

For more information check in this site,
Advantage.webmethods.com. and look in the BookShelf about different webMethods Adapter releases section.

Also do a quick search in this site if you have any technical questions regarding siebel integration processess/procedure/availability etc…



Thanks for your quick response.
However i haven’t found the WebMethods adapter for Siebel version 6.0.x.x in advantage adapter support section.
Per them, they have Siebel Adapter for Siebel 7.0.x.x upwards/2000.

Now assuming, webM doesn’t support this Siebel version, what are the options i have to connect to Siebel from webM.
As i mentioned earlier, if we need to develop a custom adapter, will it be an easy task and what all intricasies/steps involved in doing this.

Thanks once again


As far i remember in the earlier days of connecting to Siebel5.5 and 6.x using webMethods Seibel Enterprise Adapter(Enterprise Server A.K.A (Active Works)server were used for implemeting WM-Siebel integration with success…But i am not sure whether WM have released B2B Siebel Adapter connecting to Siebel 6.x that configures on IS/Adapters.

Another possible option would be communicationg using webMethods IS B2B Enterprise Brider Adapter4.x connecting to Enterprise Server EAI Adapters.

Please do enquire with WM Support/salesreps…