webMethods integration with data warehouse

Hi everyone,

I’m currently accessing the possibility of using webMethods ESB to integrate with a data warehouse system.

The data warehouse is IBM Netezza and Greenplum. Does anyone know if this is possible? Has anyone tried this before?


Hi Nelson,
When you say “integrate” what do you have in mind? ESB implies services yes? Are you planning on exposing some services whose implementation require the data warehouse?


Hi Mark,

You are correct the term “integrate” can be used in a very vague.

The solution will basically be to expose services through the ESB that will require these systems.
Examples of generic service that we will be implementing are the loading of data into the data warehouse, and the retrieval of data.


What capabilities are available on the target Data warehouse side any idea? Can they communicate calls via HTTP or FTP or is it direct interaction to their database tables (DW) and webMethods can expose services (WS* or invoke) and can connect to target systems using protocols / web services many more…