webMethods in ubuntu 64bit

Hi Experts,

Has anyone successfully installed webMethods on ubuntu 64bit?

If so how did you do it?


webMethods is not supported on ubuntu but i am not sure if you can actually install it and bring the server up. Refer to webMethods_System_Requirements_7_1_2_and_7_2.pdf on Advantage.


Theoretically it is a java program and java should be platform independent. If it doesn’t install in ubuntu, then there should be a way to alter the installer a bit to get it to run the program on a ubuntu JVM.

Wot’s the use of developing it in java if it starts getting restrictive!

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Yes you are absolutely right, Java is independent of the platform but JVM is not and that’s why each OS has its own JVM.

You can install the WM Suite and tweak it around to point to the ubuntu JVM and probably make the it work but this would mean you will be running on an unsupported\not tested mix of products.

If the benefits outweigh the risks it is definitely worth trying and get a custom support package from a third party vendor (If there are no licensing issues with SAG).


Nah purely for tinkering around and hacking away for now. We will be running the tests ourselves. Also under load.

I work for a third party vendor. I get questions every now and then asking if we can run webM on ubuntu server and a variety of other open-source Linux distributions. And if so, are we willing to support it? So, empirical results will determine this.

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