WebMethods Ezine Complex Record Mapping using Java

I found this article helpful. However, in reviewing the api for the ValuesEmulator class I noticed some strong language that is worth mentioning. In the object summary it states, " It [the ValuesEmulator] should not be used to build complex, mission-critical solutions. " The api recommends that you use the Idata object, which was easy to do.

Has anyone ever experienced a ValuesEmulator failure? Does anyone know why webMethods does not recomend an object that they created?


ValuesEmulator contains methods that are wrappers around IData calls. The only thing bad about them is that they do a getCursor/destroy for every call. The IDataUtil class provides similar functionality, but allows for passing in the IDataCursor, so performance is better.

Actually the worries about performance of ValuesEmulator are overblown, since the cursor object is put into a cache on the destroy, but still you have a hashlookup and hashadd on every call that you don’t need, so use IDataUtil.