Webmethods enterprise Broker training course manual

Anyone has an electronic version of the training course manual
about webmethods enterprise, brokers, etc…
I need this manual to train and work some examples using the webmethods software. Anyhelp is welcome

Hi, Rochdi.

There are only a few places to official get webMethods Training – a few selected consulting companies and webMethods Educational Services.

If you are trying to learn webMethods and need documentation, use webMethods Advantage to gain access to official webMethods-produced documents. webMethods is available to all webMethods customers and partners.

If you have specific product questions, you can search the wMUsers forums for answers. If your questions have not been asked, feel free to start a new conversation. The members of our community should be able to help you get through your development and administration problems (and successes!).

Good luck.