**webMethods Developer Portal 10.15 Docker Container** Create Image file with existing components

I am running developer portal 10.15 as a docker container in my machine and have few APIs published to it as part of a project PoC. I have also created few themes. I now want to create an image of this instance which includes the newly created themes and the published APIs. How can that be done?

I earlier did a similar exercise for my API Gateway instance. I was able to create a docker image which included the APIs and other components in my local API Gateway container by using the “docker commit ” command.

But when I tried to run a container with the image that was created by committing the developer portal container, it was just a base version and doesn’t contain the custom components I had in my original container.

Kindly advise if anyone has done/attempted and was successful.

Not a developer portal expert but afaik, this functionality should be the same as integration server since it is a customized version of integration server(afaik).

If you are using sag helm charts (link below), you don’t need to create the image yourself. By default it is set to softwareag container repo and using the helm charts, you can deploy your assets to a persistent storage.

If you are creating your own containers, the steps below should be applicable to Developer Portal but unfortunately I can’t verify it myself. If the file is there, it should work with the steps below.

Themes and published APIs are persisted by the Dev. Portal in the Elastic Search datastore, so you cannot just create a prebaked Dev. Portal image that contains your themes and APIs.
To automate the configuration of themes and creation of API docs in target environments, you could use the Dev. Portal REST API.

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