WebMethods Designer Document List : How to add Document Child

Hi all,

I have a question about Document List, i would like to add some Document in my DocumentList.
In documentation :8-2-SP3_Service_Development_Help.pdf

I attach 2 images, the first one is a image of the interface of webdesigner
and the second one is with the instructions from documentation.
I dont see the blue buton like on documentation to add a Row.

Do you have any idea where can i find this button ? Or there is other way to add somes documents in my Document List ?

Thanks by advance for your help :slight_smile:

the documentation section"Specifying Values for a Document List Variable" is for assigning value for a document in flow service.

You are defining the document structure, so you won’t be able to “insert row” of values.
You can use the option shown on the right side to add different types of fields.

Thank you for your explication, its clearer now :slight_smile: