Webmethods Cloud settings in Administrator- username and password


We have installed integration server and universal messaging on the same box. Both are up and running. We are trying to complete the webMethods Cloud settings in Administrator page which requires username and password.

  1. Can someone please let us know if there is any default username/password which we can enter under webMethods Cloud settings in Administrator page. The setting location shown in attachment. Due to this, the On-Premise Accounts alias is disabled. The integration server default id/pwd does not work in this case, which i think was expected.

  2. Under webMethods Cloud settings in Administrator page, we are putting the URL as : “http://localhost:9000” without double quotes. Please verify and let us know if this is correct.

  3. I do not see any option to create new username/password (combination) in universal messaging enterprise manager whereas i see that under security we have ACL option, but this does not have any password.

Appreciate any guidance on this.


the webMethods Cloud settings have nothing to do with Universal Messaging. They are intended for making a connection with the cloud-hosted webMethods Integration Cloud (http://www.webmethodscloud.com/).
You can set up a connection from Integration Server to a Universal Messaging server on your own network using one of two methods:
webMethods messaging (pub.publish:* services, publishable document types, wM Messaging triggers)
Settings > Messaging > webMethods Messaging Settings
Create or edit a webMethods Messaging connection alias


JMS messaging (pub.jms:* services, JMS triggers)
Settings > Messaging > JMS Settings
Create or edit a JMS connection alias


You can enable Universal messaging Authentication by below

  1. In config file Server_Common.conf, set below 2 properties to enable basic Auth.


  1. You can create or use users in two ways
    a. Create users in user.txt from COmmand Central for UM (Refer attached screenshot)
    b. Configire your UM to connect with LDAP

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