webMethods clients on Win7?

We are planning the installation of the software required for the Campus Connect project. We intend to install the webMethods client software on a Win7 machine. Is this possible?


The following products are now certified for use with Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise edition):

* webMethods Broker 8.0 SP2
* webMethods CDC 8.0 SP2
* Software AG Designer 8.0
* webMethods CAF/MWS 8.0 SP2
* webMethods Developer 8.0 SP1
* webMethods IS 8.0 SP1
* webMethods Deployer 8.0 SP2
* webMethods Mediator 8.0
* webMethods Monitor 8.0 SP3
* webMethods Optimize 8.0 SP3
* webMethods Trading Networks 8.0 SP1
* webMethods EDI 8.0 SP1        

You may review the System Requirements Document for more details.
webMethods → webMethods Product Suite → webMethods Product Suite 8.0 and 8.1 → Documentation by Task → Getting Started, Installing, and Upgrading/Migrating → System Requirements
Hope this info can help you.

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