webMethods can not recognize Korean characters


When I use JDBC/wmDB to query a field(type:NVARCHAR2,Korean char) type from database, it output a variant form. Who can kindly tell me the reason?


Integration Server is able to process Korean chars (and other languages and charsets) without issue–you’ll need to configure things properly to use the right charset at the right places.

A JVM has a default character set. This is usually UTF-8. Administrators can change this default. I often see it changed to ISO-8859-1.

The default charset of the running JVM is used when converting from bytes to string, and string to bytes when a charset is not explicitly specified in some way when calling the services that perform these actions.

What is the charset being used in the DB table? Korean is supported by multiple charsets/encodings so you’ll need to know specifically which.

For reading from the DB table there are some options depending upon the setup of the DB.

If the DB is using Korean as its default/primary charset, then you may be able to configure the adapter connection to specify that charset. That way the driver/adapter will do the right thing when reading/writing to the tables in that DB.

If just one table (or just one column) is using the Korean charset (which I don’t think is doable in Oracle) then you’ll want to read the column as bytes and do the bytes to string yourself, specifying the right charset.



Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the tools being used to view data from various locations also support the charset. I often hear reports of “data is corrupted–I see little square boxes instead of the right characters” but the data is just fine. It is the viewing tool itself that is unable to display the data.