Webmethods Broker and IS Java Versions

Our existing IS Java version as 1.5 version but broker uses Java version as 1.4.

Now if we modify the java version of broker also to 1.5 (ie. Pointing the path of JVM to the path of IS where it Points).

According to my understanding it should not end up with any issues.

let me know about your views in it or should we check/consider any other points before we do this modification!


for webMethods Version are you planning?

the current major java versions related to wM versions are:

  • Java 1.5 for wM 7.1.x (Update to Java 1.6 possible, but requires some adjustements)
  • Java 1.6 for wM 8.2.x (Update to Java 1.7 possible, but might require some adjustements)
  • Java 1.7 for wM 9.x

Broker does not really require Java as it is written in C.
But it has some APIs (Java, JMS) which can be (resp. are) used to connect to broker from java applications, i.e. MWS, IS, PartnerSystems.

Older APIs should work in newer Java versions but not vice versa.


Hello Holger,

We will be upgrading to 9.6 soon.

But the question I ahve raised for the version 6.5 where I can see IS uses Java version 1.5 and Broker Java version uses 1.4. As these days we are having some issues at server side attimes, I thought we can avoid mismatch of java version between IS and Broker may causing the issue(not sure!). So thought of upgrading the Broker Java version also to java 1.5. Will it help in anyways?

There should not be any issues. What is your broker version and your IS version?

Hi There,

Ideally there should not be any issues. But try to implement in lower environments ( Dev,IT or QA ) and if everything is green then proceed on Prod as we usually have issues with JVM.


Hi SriLakshmi,

How you find the Broker java version? Could you tell me From where you got the info?


In the install directory where Broker is installed there will be a jvm directory at the same level. Under the jvm directory will be another directory with the version as part of its name: for example, jvm150 or jvm160. Can’t confirm that is the same with Java 1.4, so it will still be interesting to hear what SriLakshmi says. But to verify you can run /jvm/jvm160/bin/java -version.


As stated in my previous post, broker is not running in Java.

It is a native binary.

The mentioned jvm is only neccessary for other webMethods products, like database configurator, installer/uninstaller, …

There is no need to worry about its version. it should fit to the related wM version.


Thanks Holger,

Yes, I didn’t mean to imply the Broker used Java, but what about the Java API for Broker, wouldn’t it be using the Java in /jvm?

Just checking,

Hi Richard,

no. it will use the jvm in which IS or MWS (or client server of your partner) is running.