webMethods BPMS Free Trial

Recently SAG have release some community version of the BPMS software.I am not able to install this community version.Getting some error.

As per the instruction given in the link ,I have used the below step

1)After extracting the archive file I have run the command to call setenv.bat.
PFA “setenv_Command.png” for setenv output
2)Updated the properties file as required.
3)Then have “grexec BpmsTrial -setup” command.This command have deleted all the files from bin folder.At the end given some outPut as unable to delete some files.
PFA “grexec_Command.png” for the command output

OS:Windows 8(64 bit)
DB:Oracle 10g
JAVA:1.8.0_31(64 bit)

[I have tried to post the same to the BPMS trial section few week back but think they have blocked to post in that section]



You have to extract your archive in another folder
(not in your Installation Root directory)

Hi Elodie,
I have followed the same step in windows 8(64 bit) system.But still getting some error.

I am attaching the full step.Can you please let me know what is wrong over here

Baharul Islam
Installation Step followed.docx (1.26 MB)

As per installation instruction this BPMS trial version only supported on OS - Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Linux RedHat 6.x

Pls check this for more detail - http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/Guide+to+Downloading+and+Installing+the+webMethods+BPMS+Free+Trial+Version

Reg, Tanveer

Thanks Tanveer for your update.

If this is only possible for windows server and linux system,then I think SAG is not giving user to fully explore of their product even free trial also.

Baharul Islam