Webmethods BPM and Task

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My process starts with user task(task#1) and I have scenario where I should exit from user task#1(when I click on button(Ex-Send button)) before I complete the task#1 and go to different user task (task #2) in my process, after finishing task#2 I should come back to task#1. Here how should I configure process / user task ? This my first project on Webmethods BPM / Task / CAF. Please help me.

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Can you explain more , if possible with the process diagration

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If there is a condition where the task #2 must be completed before task #1, make that decision on the BPMN.

If you need data that is only present on task #1, then change task #2 to present it too.

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One idea might be to split task#1 into two tasks task#1a and task#1b.

Then you would start task#1a, which triggers task#2 upon completion, which in turn will trigger task#1b.