webMethods – BigData driver for Apache Cassandra


Has anyone used the “webMethods – BigData driver for Cassandra” which works with the webMethods adapter for JDBC ?

I think we installed it correctly on our Integration Server, but I have of problem when I try to create a connection:

The database and the Integration Server are on the same server,
and I can connect to the database with command lines (FYI: ./cqlsh localhost 9042).
So it removes any network issue.

I was also not sure what to use for the “DataSource Class” because it’s not well documented (or I haven’t find it yet) so I use “wm.jdbcx.cassandra.CassandraDataSource40”.

If anyone has already succeed or have an idea, please give me some advice :smiley:

Arnaud W.

Hey, it looks you have missed some jar file. Please see the related documentation to figure out the same.

Can you share your WmJDBC Adapter version with fix levels?

As per my knowledge, the JDBC Adapter is officially tested with a number of different SQL databases. SAG will or might support any Database that has a JDBC4 driver available with the JDBC Adapter. Check if JDBC4-compliant driver is available for Cassandra.

As a troubleshooting step add the jar file that you have for Cassandra under packages\WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars directory. Refer chap. Installing a JDBC Driver on Integration Server for more details from JDBC adapter guide.

Moreover because Cassandra is a NoSQL database, it will be recommended to use an interface (custom code) other than JDBC to interact with the database.

Kindly get in touch with SAG with a support incident to get more details and share the information with us it will be helpful.

Thanks for your help and replies !

I applied the fix “Adapter 9.0 For JDBC Fix 9” and it seems to be fine now.
But the readme doesn’t say anything about that.

I can now create a connection to Cassandra v2.0…
but with Cassandra 3.7 (the latest version) it still won’t connect :roll:

Hi Arnaud,

eventually you will require an updated driver version for Cassandra 3.7.

Is there any error message displayed when trying to connect to Cassandra 3.7.



It’s the same error:

But Cassandra 3.7 seems to run fine on this port.

Arnaud W.