Hello Everyone,
I am new to web methods, I got the following assignment to do.
Exercise 2:

  1. Submit an xml with multiple records to Integration Server at http port 7777
  2. Receive the xml with multiple records in Integration Server
  3. Loop over each record and submit to Trading networks
  4. Receive each record from trading networks to IS and insert into database

I used pub.client:http service to store XML file to integration server. But i am confused about pipeline input.
Can anyone guide me with this assignment?

Hi Sayali

Some questions:

  1. Have you done any training on the webMethods Integration platform (including Trading Networks?).
  2. Do you have access to any official Software AG training? Officially typically means paid for.
  3. Please clarify the source of the data for step 1 and the target (partner) receiving the data on step 3 of your example process.

The above info will let us better guide you.

Principal Instructor, webMethods Integration at Software AG



Take advantage of the free BASIC training available in https://knowledge.softwareag.com/ :wink:

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The free basic training is available for some products but it will not teach you enough to (properly) develop the solution you mention above.
So if you are building your solution in the on-premise webMethods Integration platform AND you are new to webMethods, I recommend you get started with the training in the Software AG Learning Portal (https://knowledge.softwareag,com) mentioned above, specifically:

  1. webMethods Integration Basic (E611A-71E) — https://knowledge.softwareag.com/enrol/index.php?id=1541
    This gives a good overview/intro on the webMethods on-premise Integration Platform (primarily, Integration Server, Designer and IS Admin web UI). This is FREE self paced eLearning.

  2. webMethods Integration Essentials (611B-71E) — https://knowledge.softwareag.com/enrol/index.php?id=1222
    This is devide into 3 parts. The first part is really course 611A-71E. The second part covers Core topics for Integration platform and the third part consists of various advanced topics. There is a cost for this (unless you are an SAG partner).

There is recorded (or live) instructor lectures with demos and hands-on labs available for all.

If you plan to use our webMethods.io iPaaS products for integrating cloud apps and (optionally) on-premise Integration Server, look at courses:

  1. WEBMETHODS.IO INTEGRATION BASIC (E617A-75E) - https://knowledge.softwareag.com/enrol/index.php?id=1481
    This is the core integration product in our iPaaS. It is free self-paced eLearning and is done on a free trial cloud tenant.

  2. WEBMETHODS.IO B2B BASIC (E618A-75E) - https://knowledge.softwareag.com/enrol/index.php?id=1486 Similar to capabilities as on-premise Trading Networks but based in the cloud. It is free self-paced eLearning and is done on a free trial cloud tenant.

If you have more questions you can use the Contact Us link from the top of the Software AG Learning Portal.


Principal Instructor at Software AG for: Integration, APIs & Microservices