Webmethods And Documentum


I need to integrate Documentum and Siebel. I can integrate with Siebel using a Siebel Adapter. But what are the options for integrating with Documentum?. Has anyone developed any integrations with Documentum. If so,please share your experiences or any suggestions that you have.


As with many companies, including webMethods, Documentum has many products. And Documentum is now part of EMC and is a brand name attached to several products. Products that were never a part of the Documentum suite, such as ApplicationXtender (created by OTG which was acquired by Legato, which in turn was acquired by EMC) now carry the Documentum name-- EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender.

If you need to integrate with ApplicationXtender, you can use the web services interface that it exposes. If you need to integrate with a different EMC Documentum product, refer to the appropriate documentation.