webMethods and clinical stds support

Any ideas/thoughts as to whether webMethods currently supports (or will support in the near future) clinical stds such as CDISC (www.cdisc.org) and/or HL7 (http://www.hl7.org/about/hl7about.htm). If so, how do I go about finding additional info? Thx.

CDISC and HL7 are important standards in the healthcare / life sciences / pharmaceutical industry. Both are supportable with the webMethods Integration Platform using our XML DTD/XSD and our flexible and powerful flat-file processing capabilities. At this time, there are no plans in webMetods to create a specific “product” around support for these standards.

The CDISC standards include data models expressed in XML (usually with DTD’s of XSD’s) for the exchange of clinical trial data. As such it is easily supported in an integration projectc.

HL7 standards are either flat-file formats (in earlier version), or XML-based, in more recent versions like Version 3. The approach to supporting this with webMethods depends on the version selected. webMethods and our integration partners have successfully implemeted HL7 support at Parkway Healthcare in Singapore.

Neither standard currently expresses a communications protocol or transport for sending document payloads across the internet. EDIINT or ebXML messaging are options. Even simple FTP or SMTP is an option.