webMethods Adapter services dying when user logs out

I am trying to assist our webMethods team in fixing a problem with their 5.0 Adapter services in Windows NT 4.0 SP6a. Our 4.1 Adapter service doesn’t have this problem, but I have one 5.0 Adapter in each of my environments that dies when someone logs out of the server. When the services were installed they were using the localsystem user and ALL of them died when someone logged out. We changed that to use the same domain account as the one running the 4.1 Adapter service, but that only fixed most of them. Does anyone have any thoughts or know of any docs that might help me find the issue here?

Thanx in advance,
Patrick Abram
Expanets, Inc.

Hi Patrick,

Try starting the adapter service with parameter -Xrs. this should resolve your problem.