webMethods Adapter for JDBC and PostgreSQL


We are trying to configure a JDBC Connection to a PostgreSQL database with Integration Server 9.6 and webMethods Adapter for JDBC 9.0 but when we try to enable the connection we have the following message :

[ADA.1.619] Configuration file not loaded succesfully. Please check the configuration file of NOSUPPORT
java.io.FileNotFoundException: packages/WmJDBCAdapter/config/NOSUPPORTTypeMapping.xml

So I tried to copy the POSTGRESTypeMapping.xml into NOSUPPORTTypeMapping.xml and restarting the IS but we then have a NullPointerException when trying to enable the connection.

We did the same work and configuration as we do everyday on Integration Server 8.2 : we have the JDBC jar of PostgreSQL which we put in the WmJDBCAdapter code jars folder and so on…

Please help

Thanks in advance


Hi Mehdi,

can you share a more detailed overview of your versions (IS, ART, JDBC-Adapter)?

As JDBC Adapter 9.0 is only supported on IS 9.0 and newer you might want to try the JDBC-Adapter 6.5 on your IS 9.6 and see if this works.

Additionally it might be worth opening a ticket at SAG support related to this.