webMethods - ActiveTransfer instance not running

Hello Community!
I am new to webMethods. I am trying to explore & learn webMethods integration 10.11 (free trial version) and its various components.

I recently configured MWS but when I click on Server Management tab in MWS then I see ActiveTransfer instance related error as shown in below screenshot:


I would appreciate if experts in community can please help me fix this error.

Can you please let me know high level sequence of steps required to start/run/install ActiveTransfer instance in free trial so that I may stop receiving above shown error in MWS


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Hi Shabbir,

If ActiveTransfer is not installed, you could install it using the installer and select “ActiveTransfer server” from products list. If this is installed and still issue occurs you can access the URL http://:2080 and verify if it is accessible. If this URL is not accessible that means that there is some issue with ActiveTransfer configuration.

For your information, from 10.7 onwards ActiveTransfer comes with its own UI and it runs on http port 9100. You could login to ActiveTransfer UI by accessing http://:9100 using Integration Server credentials.


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