Webmethods 9.8 upgrade

Hi, We are going to upgrade our webMethods env from 8.2 SP2 to 9.8.
We are using load balancer and clustering and the inbound traffic will hit the load balancer. So thinking if we can configure load balancer to route the traffic to 9.8 instead of 8.2 IS instances. This way app teams don’t need to change the endpints in their apss. They dont need to know the actual hostnames of IS instances. Not sure if anybody did that or its a right approach. Appreciate your comments.


hi Ram, we’re looking into this very area right now and in the weeks ahead. What is your timeframe for needing an answer to this question?

Marianne Fuller
PM, SAG Installer, webM/IBO Upgrade


I have used this strategy in the past and I know of other customers who have as well. It makes perfect sense.


You could very well do that. What concern you have had in mind while raising this query?