webmethods 9.7 (trial version) and oracle database connection issue


I am trying to create JDBC connection in IS 9.7 and Oracle DB 10 g. I tried to configure connection with different jars as ojdbc6.jar, ojdbc7.jar and ojdbc14.jar. But still while enabling JDBC connection, I am getting below exception:

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource jdbcConnection:testConnectionone.
[ART.118.5063] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to start connection jdbcConnection:testConnectionone: after 1 attempt(s).
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.1.204] Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource”.
Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

Please let me know if I am missing anything in configuration.

Prashant Nagargoje

Where did you placed these jar? Are you able to ping the DB server?

Hi Srikanth,

I have placed the jars in below location



Yes please check the DB server connection that you are trying to hit and make sure all the parameter settings are accurate along with tcp firewall access (IS–>DB)


You should not place the jars in both the locations. You only need to place them in either of the locations. Either in IS libs or else JDBC code jars of the package.

As suggested, place the jars globally at the IS level or locally to the instance (eg. default instances).

Kindly refer the JDBC adapter guide for better understanding. It is mentioned clearly on how to install the jdbc driver.


regarding the described scenario I sugget the following:

  • place the jar (preferably ojdbc7.jar) in the WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars as long as it is not required by other packages.
  • remove the jars from the other locations
  • stop and start IntegrationServer

Make sure you have declared the field “Other properties” as “driverType=thin”.
Make sure that all the connection parametes do not have leading or trailing spaces.

Make sure that you can reach the database instance on the given port (default for oracle is 1521) on your specified host from the host where you IntegrationServer is installed.