webMethods 7.1 Upgrade - JMS Notification Service Failing -

Recently my team upgraded from wMs 6.1 to version 7.1.

Root-cause: WM 7.1 business models are not able to transition the JMS message between steps( WM internally publishes the document to broker between steps in the model for execution)

Solution: We need to set the optimizeLocally as true for the business models(it means, between the steps in the model, WM internally will not publish the document to broker, instead it calls the flow service directly) and it resolves the issue. But

We encountered a similar issue on resubmission of a service which is kicked-off on the Integration Server by a JMS polling notification from the Broker.

If the service fails and we want to resubmit from the MyWebMethods Server administration interface then we get the same error “JMSMessage cannot be null or empty”

This is similar in that - according to the developers who worked on the project - this resubmission was working correctly in webMethods 6.1. They have encountered the problem during deployment of the services to a webMethods 6.5 based system using 7.0 Brokers as JMS providers.

Does this seem like the same issue?