WebMethods 7.1 No Trading Networks?

I need urgent help!! I am an interface administrator for DoD contractor we have been running webmethods for our user community. We recently upgraded from 6.5 to 7.1 and found out that Trading Networks no longer exists in version 7.1

Our user community relied heavily on having the ability to view their transaction flow as well as being able to grab the xml if need be. They are no understandably in an uproar.

Is there a new functionality with 7.1 that would allow them to view their transactions similiar to what trading networks showed?

Please help!!

Trading Networks still exists.

Or are you referring to a specific TN capability such the TN Web Manager? The functions of that have been moved to My webMethods.

yes i am referring to wmTNWeb. That no longer exists. So are you saying that My webMethods replaces that? Does it have the ability to only allow them to view transactions and nothing else? For instance in the past we gave certain users TNAdministrator priveleges which bascially would only allow them view TN Web Manager. Can we do that with My webMethods?

TN Server component does exist in all versions.

You can check all the TN version Info on Advantage Bookshelf link:

Also similar to TNConsole the My webMethods 7.1 (MWS) portal has introduced and all the features located under Administration or Monitoring section under Integration/B2B menu.


Yes…use the MWS portal UI (which provides great role/user based access)…Ofcourse alternatively you can use TN Console.

Getting Started with My webMethods 7.1