Webmethods 7.1 jdbc pools configuration failed

Hi Everyone,

I Installed webmethods 7.1 version, configured jdbc pools and when i test jdbcpools it is throwing an error Test of ISInternal Failed
No suitable driver.
i do not have any problems conecting to the database(i could connect using db visualizer).

webmethods 7.1
OS: Windows XP
JVM: 1.5.0_12(49.0)
Database: Oracle 10g Express Edition

I have also copied ojdbc14.jar into IS/lib…

am i missing anything here??

Any advice is highly appreciated,

nevermind, i entered wrong URL:
Oracle:jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;SID=XE , the Oracle prefix shouldn’t be there. i removed it and it worked.

Thanks anyway,

Hi vkk,

Should the URL be, jdbc:wmoracle://localhost:1521;SID=XE?


hithe value should bejdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;SID=XE you missed the colon in your statement below.

Double check the “JDBC Connection Pool Alias” under the “JDBC Pools” page on the IS.
Make sure the Database URL is specified correctly

Also check that there is no ‘spaces’ specified in the url (at the start or end of the url)

BlankSpaces in the DB URL can cause the IS to show - “Test of ISInternal Failed No suitable driver” when click on “Test” icon in JDBC Pools

The wM Integration Server does not require you to copy any ojdbc*.jar files -as far as for IS-JDBC Internal connections)

Associated Driver- Alias DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver

Database URL (for an Oracle DB)should be as below (without any spaces in the start, end, or inbetween)

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