webmethods 7.1.2 will support RESTful webservices or not ?

Hi All,

I am working on webmethods7.1.2 version and would like to know the below mentioned items.

1.whether I can create RESTful webservice provider in webMethods.
2.whether I can consume RESTful webservice in webMethods.

Please confirm me ASAP.
Thanks &Regards

7.1.2 is not updated for a long time, and it doesn’t support RESTful service. To support it in 7.1.2, you can use the service invoke method to simulate the RESTful
service call, use the URL [u]http://localhost:5555/invoke/folderName.subFolderName/serviceName?variable=value&variable=value[/u], but you need to do some additional work like variable parsing, result formatting, this way is not recommended.

RESTful service is supported by version 9, you need a upgrade.