webMethods 7.1.2 unable to cluster

We had a stand alone MWS 7.1.1 server that had several fixes applied, and it was eventually upgraded to 7.1.2. Now I want to add another MWS 7.1.2 node to the same db (oracle) to make a MWS 7.1.2 cluster. This cluster also has a Cisco load balancer in front with “sticky” sessions. I’ve read the documentation and had success creating the second node (according to the Cluster Status screen on server 1, there is a green light for server 2). However, I cannot login to the second node by itself, as it gives me a null pointer exception. Does anyone have any experience with troubleshooting MWS 7.1.2 clustering or moving a custom application from MWS non-cluster to MWS cluster without starting over with a clean install for both servers (nodes).

The idea of a cluster is that the requests to access server resources is directed by the load balance. So if ur not able to access the 2nd MWS it might be that the request is getting redirected to the 1st server. Also ensure that the configurations in terms of user access/acl(s) are identical as if your 2nd MWS is having a different config the Clustering might not be achieved… In order to access the 2MWS you need to take it offline and remove it from the cluster to get access to the same. Hope this helps.


please be aware

  • usually a load balancers is used together with an IS cluster, but this is not necessary. You should als obe able to adress all IS in a cluster directly if you adress their real host and port.

  • You don’t get a cluster by just pointing a second IS to the same database. Did you follow the Integration_Server_Clustering_Guide.pdf and do you see the server in the section Cluster Hosts under Settings - Clustering? I’m asking because the cluster status is not indicated by a green ball and you just mentioned poiting the IS to the same database for clsutering.