webMethods 6.5 JDBC Adapter used to connect to Oracle 11g DB

Hi All ,
Currently the application is using webMethods 6.5 JDBC Adapter to connect to Oracle 11g DB .

Does webMethods 6.5 JDBC Adapter experience any issue such as Timeouts while communicating with oracle 11g DB .

Because, after the Db was upgraded to oracle 11g [ earlier it was oracle 10g] , I am seeing a lot of database adapter errors like :

Unable to run adapter service. Error occurred when connecting to resource.

Please help in providing this info.


You may need to use a newer JDBC driver. If that doesn’t help, you’re likely out of luck as 6.5 isn’t supported any longer.


the current JDBC-Driver can be downloaded from http://www.oracle.com.

The version is

Dependent on your JVM you will need ojdbc5.jar (for JVM 5) or ojdbc6.jar (for JVM 6+).

The JDBC-Adapter 6.5 is still under support as there is currently no newer one.
Latest available Fix is Fix29.

Remember to check for IS-Fixes as well as SharedComponents-Fixes (they might contain an updated DB-Driver [sl53_cjxx.jar] for IS-internal DB-Functions).

Thanks for correcting my mistake on the 6.5 JDBC adapter support. Mea culpa.