Webmethods 6.1 Webservice Connector Error

Hi All,

I have a wsdl file supplied by client which i need to import in Webmethods 6.1.
However ,the web service connector gives an error:

“com.wm.lang.wsdl.WSDException: [ISC.0092.9102] C:\CitadonServiceProduction.wsdl: not a valid web service description document”

But, if i change the target namespace and a few other parameters in the wsdl , the file imports successfully.

Is my approach correct?
After these changes will the imported WSDL file serve my purpose?

Thanks a lot,
Rahul Gupta


Can you be more specific on what you have changed on the namespaces as far as modifying them is concerned?


Hi Bala,

I changed the target namespace from

because i believe that the link is only used to provide the namespace with a unique name

Doesn’t make sense that only changing a namespace would make your WSDL valid assuming it was unique in the first place.

Use one of the WS-I Interoperability tests or XML Spy Enterprise to validate your WSDL.

Web services testing tools like SOAPSonar (free personal edition) and Parasoft SOATest will also verify that a WSDL is well-formed, semantically correct and adhereing to WS-I basic profile guidelines.