Webmemethods-AS/400 integration

Does webMethods provide any adapter for integrating AS/400.
I’m using webMethods integration server 4.6.
I was to make service to integrate with AS/400.
Can anyone help me in this regard.

In Enterprise Server we are currently connecting to DB2/AS400 using the JDBC adapter with the com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver driver.

I’ve also connected with my own custom JDBC adapter using the Hits Software driver for the AS400.

I would think that you could just create a database alias using either of these drivers. The IBM driver you can download for free.

Can you tell us if you are using the Notify Configured Operation, and how did you guys handle triggers attached to files on the AS/400?
We have existing triggers on files, how do we make the adapter add to those trigger files rather than replace them?