webM and VMWare

Dear all,

This is webMethod’s official statement regarding the useability of VMWare for their Software:
“webMethods software is supported on specific OS/JVM/hardware configurations. Customers can use a commercially available virtualization environment such as VMWare or HP vPar in a webMethods production environment if it emulates one of the supported OS/JVM/hardware configurations. If a customer encounters an issue that might be related to webMethods software, webMethods might ask the customer to reproduce the issue directly on the native OS/JVM/hardware configuration before analyzing the issue further.”

Nevertheless we are very keen to virtualize our webMethods Infrastructure to an VMWare ESX 3.01 environment.
Is this a good idea ?? Is there anybody out there, who has gathered some experience with webMethods Integration Server 6.5 under VMWare??



I’ve seen VMWare used successfully in dev and test environments. But I’ve not seen anyone use VMWare in production.

Yes we used successfully VMWare at our Prod Environments. we didn’t face any problem using VMware working fine.

I’m pretty sure that WM now supports VMWare in production environments. In the past, they would not provide support if you “fessed up” that you were running in VMWare.

Check with your WM rep directly for confirmation.


In our project, till date we were accessing the remote dev servers using designer in windows servers.

Now as we need to implement local development with SVN integration, I need a local development environment. We have licence for Linux only and trail licences for windows can’t be used for same.

Now I need to know how to install linux and webMethods, if VMWare is any role to play here?

Thank you!