Web services management

can anyone please tell me if there are any tools available for managing web services ( wsdl files, schemas etc).


Yes there is. However, until a few weeks ago, it was not webMethods. Thats why the web services SIG has disappeared from the Advantage website and why they bought Glue/Fabric.

Now that the various Java appServers are incorporating basic mapping tools and conversation engines (i.e. RosettaNet), webMethods must find an answer to “Why webMethods?” and must find a solution to their unfounded claims of the past year that they are suitable for enterprise web services architectures.

Wanna get a laugh from your technical savvy partners, send them of the the one-service-per-wsdl files that webMethods generates (and quite often erroneously).

I tried to create webservice connector and in that process it is asking for .wsdl file and is it must that i provide wsdl file …
can u help me…

Shanti - Yes, the WSDL file is required as it describes the public interface (e.g., input & output signature) of the web service you are calling. This is a key ingredient to the current web services protocol stack.

Hi Shanti,

In developer Select a Service for which you want to make WSDL then go to Tools->Generate WSDL.
Select the protocol(Soap Rpc,Soap Msg,Http Get,Http Post)
Give the URL where you want to store generated WSDL file.

Now create WSC(Web Service Connector) using that WSDL.
For reference read ISSoapGuide.pdf and ISWebserviceGuide.pdf

Puneet Saxena

I am a webMethods newbie. Can anybody tell me the process of writing a webservice.

Thanks in advance…

  1. Find the PDF documents in the \Developer\Doc\Guides folder named “Soap Developer’s Guide” and “Web Services Developer’s Guide”. []Read them. []Work through the soap example in the WmSamples package [*]Ask questions here for what seems unclear.