Web Service Security 1.1 + IS 7.1


My company is currently using IS 6.5 but is thinking of upgrading to IS 7.1 to be able to consume web services which uses WSS.

I´ve read that IS 7.1 supports WSS 1.0 - but how is it with WSS 1.1? One of our partners is using WSS 1.1 (we are the comsuming part), will it work even though we are only supporting 1.0 or is 1.1 backwards compatible?

Kind regards,
Mikael Håkansson

Hi Mikael,

webMethods 7.1.2 supports WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 Complaince…

When u create a web service using WS-I 1.1 or even WS-I 1.0, the SOAP version that you can use is SOAP 1.1… U cannot use SOAP 1.2…